About Design

We're interested in making more great things. Making the same thing faster or cheaper is pretty great, but we're more interested in making fabulous things that solve many complex problems simultaneously and delight everyone in the process.

We're interested in the way people work together in design. We acknowledge people differ in their strengths and motives. Weak solutions to the resulting conflicts become the de facto practice even when computers enlarge the space of choices. We look to the computer for great solutions that could not exist until now.

Aside: Designers naturally reach into their past experience for solutions that might apply. But this resource can retard progress at the vary instant it is most valuable to people working together. Read Have a Test for That?.

We're interested in the accumulation of knowledge in a simple, reusable form. We ask, now that you're finished, what did you learn that you did not expect to learn? From experience comes the vocabulary to explain the unexpected. From accumulation comes the opportunity to orderly synthesize the patterns and practices of delight. Read Bozo Brings Out My Best.

Aside: Design choices answer wishes. We're like genies granting wishes where the third wish is to negate the first two. How is it that with unlimited wishes we can converge on practical success. Read Red Green Refactor.

We're interested in measurement. Through numbers we remember and compare outcomes. We want to know what works, why it works and how much it works. When we shy away from measurement we drift into the world of ought.

Aside: Toyota will sell me a car that gets 50 miles/gallon but a thief gave me one that gets 100. And it's more fun too. Read Full-Time Equivalent MPG.

We're interested in communities of purpose who wish to work transparently and share methods and results as they emerge. We've reinvented wiki for these overlapping communities who need to get things done even if they don't much like each oter. Read Chorus of Voices.